Big Brake Kits

Go fast and stop faster. D2 Racing Big Brake Kits provide you with serious braking power when you need it most. Our brake kits are offered for both the front and rear with rotor sizes ranging from 286mm-421mm, 4-8 piston aluminum caliper options, and custom colors. Stainless steel brake lines, brake pads, and hardware are included for a bolt-on installation.   

D2 Racing calipers are precision machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum and feature heavy duty aluminum pistons mated to temperature resistant seals. These high performance calipers are able to utilize a lightweight construction while providing dramatically increased braking performance. The rotors included in our big brake kits feature a two-piece design and slotted surfaces which help minimize fade and dissipate heat under the most extreme braking conditions.

D2 Racing Big Brake Kits come standard in our trademark D2 Purple finish but are also available in the following finishes:

  • Red, yellow or black – $50
  • Any DuPont color code – $150
  • Chrome – $250
  • Gold Chrome – $300
  • Neochrome – $350

Surcharge is per kit (Dealer discounts do not apply to caliper finish charges)

Street Version Front    
D2-BBKF356-ST8 Piston Front Kit356mm DISK$2050
D2-BBKF330-ST8 Piston Front Kit330mm DISK $1,840.00
D2-BBKF304-ST6 Piston Front Kit304mm DISK$2000
D2-BBKF286-ST6 Piston Front Kit286mm DISK $1,600.00
Street Version Rear
D2-BBKR356-ST4 Piston Rear Kit*356mm DISK* $2,200.00
D2-BBKR330-ST4 Piston Rear Kit*330mm DISK* $2,050.00
D2-BBKR304-ST2 Piston Rear Kit*304mm DISK* $1,640.00
D2-BBKR286-ST2 Piston Rear Kit*286mm DISK* $1,600.00
*May disable OEM parking brake on some applications
Street Version Rear (With CABLE type OE handbrake function)
D2-BBKR356-SH4 Piston Rear Kit356mm DISK $3,000.00
D2-BBKR330-SH4 Piston Rear Kit330mm DISK $2,600.00
Race Version Front
D2-BBKF421-RC8 Piston Front Kit421mm DISK $4,900.00
D2-BBKF400-RC8 Piston Front Kit400mm DISK
D2-BBKF380-RC8 Piston Front Kit380mm DISK $3,080.00
D2-BBKF356-RC6 Piston Front Kit356mm DISK $2,200.00
D2-BBKF330-RC6 Piston Front Kit330mm DISK $2,050.00
D2-BBKF304-RC4 Piston Front Kit304mm DISK $1,800.00
D2-BBKF286-RC4 Piston Front Kit286mm DISK $1,750.00
Racer Version Rear
D2-BBKR400-RC6 Piston Rear Kit*400mm DISK* $3,600.00
D2-BBKR380-RC6 Piston Rear Kit*380mm DISK* $3,240.00
D2-BBKR356-RC4 Piston Rear Kit*356mm DISK* $2,200.00
D2-BBKR330-RC4 Piston Rear Kit*330mm DISK* $2,050.00
D2-BBKR304-RC2 Piston Rear Kit*304mm DISK* $1,650.00
D2-BBKR286-RC2 Piston Rear Kit*286mm DISK* $1,550.00
*May disable OEM parking brake on some applications
Race Version Rear (With CABLE type OE handbrake function)
D2-BBKR356-RH4 Piston Rear Kit356mm DISK $2,960.00
D2-BBKR330-RH4 Piston Rear Kit330mm DISK $2,600.00
Brake Components**
Brake Pads (Set)Street$200
Brake Pads (Set)Race$275
Rotors, 286mm286mm$350
Rotors, 304mm304mm$375
Rotors, 330mm330mm$400
Rotors, 356mm356mm$500
Rotors, 380mm380mm$700
Rotors, 400mm400mm$1100
Rotors, 421mm421mm$1500
Center Hats286-304mm$350
Center Hats330mm$350
Center Hats356mm$400
Center Hats380mm$500
Center Hats400mm$1100
Center Hats421mm$1300
Caliper Brackets (PAIR)286-304mm$250
Caliper Brackets (PAIR)330-356mm$250
Caliper Brackets (PAIR)380mm$500
Caliper Brackets (PAIR)400-421mm$600
SS Brake LinesALL$200
**Not Eligible for Dealer Discount